I’m excited to share my go-to low-carb/gluten-free/keto recipes. I swear by these recipes and they are all very minimal effort dishes that are favored by everyone.

My Weight-loss Journey

I began dabbling with the idea of incorporating a low-carb diet in September of 2017. I have read several books on different diet types—even a diet by your blood-type (mine is O positive btw). It wasn’t until I had finally reached close to 180 lbs on the scale that I really had a wake-up call. I had begun to have thyroid issues and was prescribed meds; which I would not be able to afford if I didn’t have Obamacare. My first entry on this site was around that time; after the solar eclipse.

It was a slow start; changing the way you think of food and your habits is extremely difficult, especially when nothing in your lifestyle has changed. Saying no to beer at a friendly gathering and these self-sustained social pressures that don’t really exist are deeply engrained in our minds.

I was on and off, struggling with adhering to my new diet plan; and having non-supportive partners or friends makes it all the more difficult. After my very first long-term monogamous partner broke up with me I found myself thrusted into my own journey in search of my meaning.

I’m not saying everyone has to hit an all time low in order to pick themselves back up again, but it does help to have an extreme change of life, relationship, location, or schedule in order to make difficult changes in habits.


By May 2018, I had hit my goal of dropping 40 lbs and was feeling great! Without obsessing or frequenting the scale, the weight had just silently tiptoed out the door. I have successfully kept the weight off, however, life changes have kept me away from the gym since October 2018. I am looking to get back on my path towards the final destination and am using this blog as a way to encourage and hopefully inspire others, not to lose weight, but to be the change you want to see in your life.

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