Let’s Do This!

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve written anything remotely close to a blog post. It’s definitely been over a decade since the last attempt was made on an angst-filled livejournal entry; which just thrusted me into a dark and deep, yet constricted, rabbit hole

I’m trying to ride that 2017 Solar Eclipse of the Heart wave. Revisiting feelings, expressing present opinions that may or may not have changed since those days. Somewhat like a new moon resolution, day for night, burnt retinas and costume change.

Such a shift in lifestyle regarding several facets requires immediate action!

First order of business: clear out all carbohydrates from my pantry and fridge—the fridge could probably use a deep clean to be honest—and stock up on keto-friendly foods. Easy! Not! Well, it is easier when you have motivation (self or via a friend/family member/random person on the interwebs whose ripples cross yours). Luckily Keven is a great partner and is willing to cut the carbs in solidarity; Keven really doesn’t need to keto-out…like really, please don’t lose any more weight!

This required a bit of research and planning and if you fail just keep trying. Pinterest has been my friend for a few years and it’s great for such things! I love food so it was important for me to cook/eat things that didn’t resemble that four-letter word, “DIET”.

I’m no math-magician (it’s not a word but the magic is real) so I caved and signed up for a free trial (albeit they will ask for your credit card information upfront) of My Fitness Pal’s Premium service. There are free sites and you could always pick up a pencil and buy a notebook so you can hand-log it. I’m too lazy to figure things out and visual aids help. I also especially like the macros counter and recipe builder in MyFitness but those options come at a premium.

I cooked like a crazed person—again the end result is me being lazy and wanting all things to be ready to get eaten by me so that I don’t go postal—for the first 2 days.

I’ll give more details about what I bought and cooked for the first few days.

Total disclosure:

I think I went over my carb count on the first darn day! Nothing happens overnight, including being able to adhere to a such strict parameters!

In case you are curious or have an hour of life to spare, you can check out my personal stuff here (hopefully you leave with some useful idea):


My Fitness Pal

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